About Energy Storage Summit
Energy Storage Summit is a co-located forum with PSEA2021, which will highlight the energy storage market trends and  developmentmainly in Southeast Asia countries: PhilippinesSingaporeMalaysiaThailandVietnamCambodiaIndonesia,LaosMyanmarBrunei, East-Timor, and other leading industry players in battery storage. 
As the demand for electricity goes up and with increasing renewable sources in the energy mix in SE Asia, what is clear now is that the impending integration of Energy Storage for it is the trending solution to increase the flexibility of the grid to meet with the daily cyclical demands. Momentum for energy storage systems is also building up in Southeast Asia.In Philippines,energy storage is on the agenda to integrate renewable energy into the grids; In Thailand, battery storage has been in an infancy stage for the past few years and has recently picked up pace,the Ministry of Energy has launched "Energy 4.0" on promoting energy storage systems; Indonesia aims for electrification of isolated communities scattered across the archipelago nation,etc. The integration of energy storage systems in Southeast Asia is imminent as the region continues to build up its renewable energy capacity.
In Energy Storage Summit, you will relative policies for deployment, diverse storage technologies ranging from traditional storage to modern lithium-ion battery storage, successful applications, financing &investment, etc.